GOYENCHEMUV-610 Highly-Effective Anti-UV and Yellowing Agent



GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (GYC GROUP) is the largest manufacturer of functional additives in Taiwan. In response to anti-yellowing and embrittlement of products due to external factors such as ultraviolet light, light and heat, GYC technical department has developed series of anti-UV products.

GOYENCHEMUV-610 is a long lasting, barrier-type anti-yellowing additive. It is produced by GYC unique nano-synthesis technology. It imparts excellent UV and yellowing resistance to various rubber, plastic, textile, paint and resin, particularly preventing the coatings from yellowing or fading.



  • Remarkable anti-yellowing effect
  • Improves the weatherability of plastic, rubber, fiber products in various environment, temperature or manufacturing process
  • Good processability
  • High stability
  • High compatibility with various resins and polymers, without precipitation
  • Low volatility




Status Powder
Color White to slight yellow
Active content 100%
Stability Good



  • Olefin: PP, PE, HDPE, LLDPE, EVA
  • PVC
  • PC, ABS
  • Thermosetting resin: UP resin, PU, Epoxy
  • Natural or synthetic rubber
  • TPU, TPU adhesive, TPU hot melt adhesive, TPU injection or extrusion process
  • Glasses or lens applications :PMMA, Polythiourethane, Polyacrylates… etc


Adding Rate

Recommended adding rate: 0.5%-2%

The adding rate is to be regarded as general guideline which can be adjusted according to type of material and the expected anti-UV effect.






Store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place. Keep away from fire and avoid direct sunlight or damp.

Seal tightly after use.