About Us

Being the largest supplier of fine chemical in Asia, GO YEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO LTD( GYC Group) has accomplished with strong, excellent and multinational R&D team. 9 divisions in GYC Group provide more than 80 items, and keep exchanging technology with Japan, Switzerland, Germany, etc. The Overseas Department of GYC promotes the products to important cities, which are the target markets in the world. GYC products have been sold to more than 60 cities.

For more than forty years, GYC has played an active role in fine chemical field in Asia. As a high tech chemical enterprise, GYC Group’s principle is to have advanced technology and new concept to create comprehensive product lines. Therefore, we have been emphasizing and making effort on inventing the latest technology and products. With the mighty R & D capability, our core competitiveness, GYC is able to develop unique and new products which are fitted in market trend and able to break through traditional products.

To enhance the competitiveness of the products, GYC overcome the blind spot of traditional products and enhance of the function of the parallel products. It has earned the reputation from the field. GYC provides industries in Taiwan and great overseas industries unique and innovative products continually.